Our society is facing an unprecedented health crisis. Family Supportive Housing’s COVID-19 response efforts have been swift and bold. During this public health emergency, Family Supportive Housing remains open and fully functional. The families we serve are part of the most vulnerable in our community.  35 families currently call our San Jose Family Shelter home, and this is where they are Sheltering in Place.  Not only are they in crisis due to their personal life circumstances, they are scared and nervous and anxious about the COVID-19 crisis.  FSH is their safe haven and we are committed to them, whatever it takes.

We are taking extraordinary measures to ensure the health and safety of both our staff and clients.

  • Enhanced cleaning procedures, including hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes stationed throughout the building and provided to every family for their room. Strict disinfecting procedures when entering and exiting common areas.
  • Increased daily cleaning of all common areas by professional service
  • Enhanced serve safe protocols while in the kitchen
  • Temporary hold on all donations except for food and cleaning supplies

Staff has been working around the clock to support the families in our care.  They are all tireless and selfless heroes, to be sure.

We are grateful to all the folks who have called and emailed asking how they can help. Here are some ways:


While the financial impact remains to be seen, we know it will be significant.  Expenses have skyrocketed for staff, supplies, food, maintenance and janitorial.  Please help by donating to our Emergency Relief Fund.

Urgently needed items:

Prepared lunches

Hand Sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, hand soap

Personal protective equipment for staff

Sliced bread

Please contact: Christi Kelly, Operations Director


Sponsor or provide prepared and pre bagged breakfast or lunch.

Please contact: Christi Kelly, Operations Director


Be safe and stay healthy,

Beth Leary

Executive Director

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