Families who are experiencing homelessness face real challenges, when they try to achieve financial security and build a safety net. They may have few assets and poor credit. Traditional banks may have denied service to families who lack a mailing address or can’t meet minimum deposit and balance requirements.

Stable finances are key to the brighter futures we seek for the families we serve.

We created our Financial Literacy Program to introduce families to core concepts of financial security and asset building, helping them to gain and maintain economic independence over the long-term.

Financial Education

Volunteer facilitators from financial institutions deliver weekly financial education workshops for adults. Topics include budgeting and setting financial goals; building, repairing and improving credit; predatory lending; saving for major life events, and more.

Coaching & Practice

Case Managers certified in consumer credit coaching meet with families one-on-one to review their progress toward financial goals. Our Case Managers press families to practice lessons learned, while creating a safe space for families to talk about challenges.

Asset Building

We offer families an in-house savings plan, with a dollar-for-dollar match available on all savings up to the match cap. We encourage families to connect with mainstream financial institutions and refer them to free or low-cost community financial products and services.

Our Shelter-based program introduces families to core concepts. We then extend hands-on support for up to 24 months to families, who successfully complete our Shelter program and enroll in Bridges AfterCare.

Our ultimate goal is to give families the financial tools and knowledge that they need to put homelessness behind them, forever.

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Interested to volunteer as a facilitator in our financial literacy workshops for adults or youth? Click here to learn more about opportunities.

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